University of San Diego’s Tijuana Hub and Classroom

The first stage of this initiative will map the current USD footprint in Tijuana, using a combination of platforms: the Collaboratory Tool funded by last Strategic Grant cycle, which produces reports on student, faculty and staff efforts in specific regions or themes; as well as relational meet-ups for campus players to share area updates. The second stage of this initiative will identify and pilot use of a physical presence in Tijuana. A co-located physical space accessible from the San Ysidro Ports of Entry would act as a: Hub for Tijuana-based USD activities and serve a myriad of USD stakeholders’ needs as a meeting space; location for confidential interviews; research center; art studio; temporary locker and storage; and space for collaboration with community partners.

Video featuring Rachel Christensen, assistant director of Center for Peace and Commerce and Maria Silva, director of Neighborhood and Community Engaged Partnerships.